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Dreamboat Regatta Day Raft Racing – Rules

Dreamboat Regatta Day Raft Racing August 13th

1pm to 3pm at Dreamboats Pontoon

Build you own Raft and bring it down to race
Cup awarded for winning team and prizes for best named raft and best dressed crew members
No fee to enter but teams should register for entry by July 31st (see contact details at bottom of page)

• Rafts propelled by paddles or oars (no engines)
• Rafts should be no wider than 2.9 metres
• All material should be environmentally friendly (e.g: No Oil Drums)
• No more than 4 people per Raft
• Each team must have at least one member 18 years or older
• Minimum age for team members is 12 years old
• All entrants under 18 years must wear a life jacket (provided by Dreamboats)
• Safety Boat will be on-hand at all times
• No more than 2 rafts racing at one time
• Rafts should have a name
• Fancy dress encouraged

Need to know more?
Ring 07768-798160 or see

Suggested Raft Materials
• Wooden Pallets
• Bamboo Poles
• Plywood Sheets
• Wooden Planks
• PVC Pipes/Boards
• Plastic Barrels
• String/Rope/Nails/Nylon
• Poles for Oars